Come Veg With Charlotte

On Saturday Charlotte Walker cooked up a Mexican-themed Come Veg With Me banquet for 13 people.

Let’s take a look at the food…

  • Nachos with salsa, guacamole, refried beans and soured cream
  • Roasted veg tacos with refried beans and cheese. Charlotte made taco shells by putting corn tortillas fold down in between bars on an oven shelf and baking for 5 mins until crisp.


  • Wild mushroom burritos with rice
  • Roasted butternut squash enchiladas with cream cheese, chickpeas and fine beans

Roasted butternut squash enchiladas with cream cheese, chickpeas and fine beans

  • Refried bean quesedillas
  • Sweet potato wedges and salad
  • Chilli chocolate brownies
  • Traditional Mexican flan

Traditional Mexican flan

The drinks and entertainment also had a Mexican flavour.

We had Tequila sunrise and Mexican sangria, along with Mexican beers like Desperados and Corona. Our soundtrack included La Bamba and Tequila.  We played a nacho eating game – in pairs, one person (the hands) stands behind another sitting down (the eater), and feeds them nachos. The first to eat are the winners! It’s more difficult than you think!

Charlotte also made a pull pinata because “it would have been impossible to have a pinata that you break in our flat with 13 people!” Charlotte will be telling you how she made it on her blog.

I don’t think anyone noticed the lack of meat! I’ve been trying to eat less meat as a way to reduce my carbon footprint, and I only buy meat from the butchers. In fact, I am trying to use supermarkets as little as possible and shop local in Headingley, which is 10 mins walk from where I live in Leeds.

Thanks Charlotte for sharing your Come Veg With Me experience.

shareIf you treat anyone to a veggie meal, whether it’s a dinner party, a shared lunch or a banquet, please share your photos with us. We will publish some of our favorites on this website.