Come Veg With Anna

Anna from Part-Time Carnivore has kicked us off by sharing her Come Veg With Me experience.

Anna chose to make a middle eastern inspired meal, to allow for a lot of different meze style dishes, which is the traditional middle eastern and Mediterranean way of eating.

CVWM from above

I made a smoked paprika stew with lots of lovely mushrooms, carrots and and butter beans and chick peas that has been dry fried in the paprika with onions and garlic. This was served with sour cream as a contrast. I also made traditional Turkish pide bread which is soft flat doughy breads with a thin crispy crust. The dough is enriched with yoghurt and the bread is great for mopping up stew, dipping in sauces or loading with salads. We also had a cucumber and pomegranate salsa, with orange zest, olive oil and toasted coriander seeds (which are all fragrant and orangey and yummy!)

The meal also included this puy lentil salad…

puy lentil salad

cucumber and dill raita…

cucumber and dill raita

baba ghanoush with seasonal pomegranate seeds for colour and flavour…

baba ganoush

and mini trifles, which were a last minute store cupboard panic

I’d made a standard come dine with me style error and destroyed the pudding! So I doused some biscuits in home made cherry brandy and using some white wine and left over orange zest made a quick syllabub topping!

mini trifle

The pudding “disaster” (a very slumped tart shell that couldn’t hold any filling) got cut into triangles and eaten on the side as biscuits.

One of Anna’s meat-eating friends, who was lucky enough to eat this beautiful food, had this to say:

When I went to Anna’s for dinner I didn’t know what to expect. I am not a very adventurous diner and can be incredibly fussy so it’s often quite hard to please me. My diet can be distilled into one word – Italian but the selection of Middle Eastern dishes on offer was mouth watering. The smoked paprika stew with chick peas, butter beans and carrots provided a delicious foundation complimented by an incredible array of traditional Arabian dishes and sides. Finished with a citrus and cherry brandy trifle which provided a lasting taste, a good thing I’d add. I have since been inspired to try more fruit and vegetables in more interesting and different ways.

Well done Anna!

shareIf you treat anyone to a veggie meal, whether it’s a dinner party, a shared lunch or a banquet, please share your photos with us. We will publish some of our favorites on this website.